We thought the best way to share our story is by answering some of the questions we often get. This is how the typical conversation goes..


Q: What’s your niche?


  • No Niche! We think that’s like asking a five year old what is the one word that will describe them for the rest of their life. 


We as humans change and we think a brand should be allowed to as well. This may disappoint the fashion gods, but we don’t want to be known for making only socks. In fact, we don’t want to be known for making any one thing. 


Q: Ok fine, so what do you want to be known for? 


  • Having sparked the New New York Renaissance (more on that later) and our thematic collections as a whole. Almost always comprised of three ingredients: 

1) a collection of goods: mostly clothes for now, but the next stop might be Marinara sauce, or a limited re-released record, or upcycled furniture….

2) a digital experience: mostly animated shorts, but we’re planning for full motion pictures people

3) a physical experience: in the past we’ve done, art galleries, pop-up shops, and concerts, but we hope to stretch further (battle of the bands tour, VR Gallleries, etc


Most importantly, we want each drop to be around a meaningful topic, a theme that inspires people. Like Pure Imagination, United by Creativity, Loving Twenties, Big League Dreamers.. You get the idea. 


Q: Concerts, Art Galleries, Marinara sauce? I thought you guys made crewneck sweatshirts?


  • We do, crewnecks are the sort of the staple of every collection, but don’t you dare call it our niche - we refused to be pigeon-holed into making sweatshirts for eternity. #NoNiche.


Q: Ok, I’m more confused than before. What is Delmonico? Why do you exist?

  • We exist to be the creative catalyst in your life. As we grow up and get older, we no longer have the English teacher asking us to write a Haiku or the science professor asking us to build an oozing volcano. We’re sure you’re thinking ‘yeah so what’.. 


Q: Yeah, so what?


  • We believe creative pursuits and the exploration of new mediums is not only crucial to building one’s holistic self, we think it is what unifies us as people. It is also pretty damn important for society. Take the Medici family for instance. Their bringing together different perspectives resulted in some of the biggest advancement in science, math and art ever seen. It’s true of all creative mediums. They change you, the people around you and sometimes the world. That’s why you alway see us quote Van Gogh & tag #ByAllMeans..


 "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."


Q: That’s tight, so what would be the dream outcome?


  • Having our own little Medici castle of our own. A venue / studio / shop - full of the lost arts and the latest arts. A place where people can come to unlock their inner creative. 


Q: Dope, so where can we find you while the castle is still being built? 


  • We have a couple IG pages (that barely have a pulse), a FB (somewhere in the depth of that blue ocean), a youtube page, and we even have a tik tok. But the best place to find us right now is directly on this site or at one of our events and the best way to find out about new releases/events is to join our mailing list (we send like 3 a year so don’t sweat).


Q: Alright, last question. So if you’re hoping to bring people together around creativity and inspire them to explore different mediums and all that.. Who inspires you then?


  • So glad you asked. There are a few people we’ve met along this journey that have moved / shaped / changed us. That said, the City as whole, its people, its sounds, its smells - drawing from it provides endless inspiration - all you have to do is look up and talk to strangers. 

The End.