The Perspectives Crew
The Perspectives Crew

The Perspectives Crew

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The Medici Effect refers to the time of enlightenment, progress, and disruptive innovation that took place during the Medici dynasty in 16th century Italy. The family invested heavily in the arts, architecture, philosophy, and science. The coalescence of diversity of thought and the inclusion of varied perspectives drove new ways of thinking. Ultimately leading to rapid societal advancements and spurring the Renaissance Age across Europe.

Our fifth crewneck made to date, it is one of four products that survived the significant reduction of our "United by Creativity" line (due to the pandemic's impact on our local production partners). It was unanimously a non-negotiable. The patch represents the ability for creativity to unify people as a catalyst for growth.

heavy weight 400 gsm organic cotton, brushed fleece interior, reverse flat lock stitch.

chenille logo chest patch, embroidered sleeve logo.

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