The Cord Hat & Mask
The Cord Hat & Mask

The Cord Hat & Mask

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Hands down the best part of our Delmonico journey has been meeting countless members of the NYC creative community. Their passions and talents are instantly inspiring and it's been our mission to amplify their voices and their work. This has taken shape as the Collective, a series of these incredible people and their stories.

@MadeByAlex is a second generation leathersmith, and one of the last of his kind in NYC. He has temporarily transformed his factory in the garment district from creating luxury leather goods for renowned brands to supplying masks for New York's front-line and essential workers. After months of perfecting the recipe, and over 15,000 masks delivered, a few Delmonico masks found their way into the mix for this one-time batch. 

5 panel wide wale corduroy hat with adjustable black leather strap.

custom hand-made matching mask by @MadeByAlex

navy/navy tonal embroideries.

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