A Letter to the Shareholders

// If you’re reading this, you’ve likely known about Delmonico for some time. If that’s the case, we want to say thank you - the support you give us keeps us on this journey.

If this is your introduction to Delmonico… welcome. We are glad you found us, and appreciate you taking the time to explore.

// A little over five years ago we had our first sample made in New York City. An unconventional dress shirt. A few months later, we released a line of golf polos. We’d go on to represent professional golfers on the Latin America tour, and receive a full spread in Golf Week Magazine - our first major feature. From there, we continued to expand through the introduction of women’s athleisure.

Our constant evolution is evident - each chapter was dependent on the previous and a foundation for the next.

// As this venture grew, we set up shop in New York - a city that personifies pursuit of passions, paving one’s path, and embracing individuality.

For the past few years, our backyard has been the world’s financial, cultural, and culinary capital – center-stage for some of the most formative times in history.

We’ve witnessed everything from parades to protests. Moving here has exposed us to the true importance of personal expression. Above all – this city has amplified our appreciation for cultural coalescence.

Provoked by this place, we embark on the evolution into our next chapter.

One that is Expressive | Genuine | Mercurial - inspired and influenced by this sleepless metropolis we call home.

// With the city behind us, we will use our label as a medium to share stories of individual expression, cultures and communities unobserved, and the experiences that shape us, New(er) Yorkers.

We thank you and welcome you to the next evolution of Delmonico.


Alex and Drew

// Our past self is not our future self. Always Iterating. No Niche.


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